Gus Petito

Mathematician and Computer Scientist

About Me

Hello! I'm Gus Petito, a third-year math and computer science student at Cornell University. I love learning new skills and topics, building new products, teaching those around me, and researching in academic environments.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to chat!




Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Mathematics from Cornell University
Expected 2019 - 2023
GPA: 4.15/4.3
Departmental GPA: 4.18/4.3
• Dean’s List every semester offered.

Work Experience

Research Assistant at Cornell University
August, 2021 - Present
• Researching deep learning and computer vision for self-driving cars with LiDAR and stereo camera data.
Undergraduate Computer Science TA at Cornell University
February, 2021 - Present
• CS 3410 (Computer System Organization and Programming) - February 2021 – May 2021
• CS 4780 (Introduction to Machine Learning) - August 2021 – Present
• Taught 250 students the basics of computer architecture through simulated circuit building and C programming.
• Led weekly lab sections of ~15 students, held weekly office hours, and graded student projects and exams.
Database Programming Intern at Merck & Co.
June, 2021 - August, 2021
• Built a machine learning algorithm in Python to classify unlabeled database metadata by leveraging a combination of classical machine learning algorithms and active learning to manually label the most ‘uncertain’ data points.
• Generated data that could be imported into Microsoft Power BI for easy data analysis.
• Received high-level training in multiple database development tools such as InForm and Oracle’s Central Designer.
Bootcamp Teaching Assistant Intern at Code Platoon
May, 2020 - August, 2020
• Taught full-stack web development to military veterans and veteran spouses with varying levels of programming experience, emphasizing clean, readable, and maintainable code for the workforce.
• Reorganized, cleaned, and rewrote the class curriculum for easier use.



Machine Learning COVID-19 Project

• Wrote both a classification and a regression program in a group of three students using COVID-19 case data from multiple countries to predict how cases would change over time using Scikit-learn and Keras.

• Finished the regression portion in the top 25% of the class according to the Kaggle mean squared error.


Real-Time Ray Tracer

• Built a small 3D environment the player could freely move around in and explore.

• Programmed the rendering engine in vanilla Java using ray tracing techniques, leveraging ideas from linear algebra such as scene-to-camera transformations.